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Campbell County Route 29 Corridor Planning Effort

The Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC), located at U.Va., initiated a pilot project with Campbell County to test a Federal Highways collaborative planning framework, known as PlanWorks. The project's focus is a busy 6.6-mile stretch of Route 29 on the south side of Lynchburg, beginning at the southern city limit and extending to Colonial Highway (Route 24).

This stretch of highway hosts multiple mixed uses and needs for residential, business, and large institutional access. IEN is working with the VTRC to develop and facilitate a process that will test PlanWorks, to provide insights and feedback on the collaborative process. Key partners in the project are the Virginia Department of Transportation Lynchburg District (VDOT), Municipal Planning Organization (Region 2000), and AECOM.

The goal is to develop recommendations for corridor improvements that will 1) enhance safety; 2) provide local access for current and future businesses and residents; and 3) support traffic flow through this part of Route 29. IEN facilitates the team meetings, and provides guidance and support for stakeholder engagement. IEN is preparing a summary assessment of the situation, challenges, issues, and suggestions using the results from a public workshop and a series of in-depth personal stakeholder interviews.