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IEN's Statement on Alt-right March in Charlottesville

Our hearts are with the family of Heather Heyer and all those injured by the Alt-right march on Charlottesville earlier this month. The fear and tragedy were palpable, creating cascading waves of pain that continue to wash through our community. These tragic events have unleashed a national reckoning of who we are as a nation, our values, what we will – and will not – stand for.

IEN provides impartial facilitation services, but we are by no means neutral. We are strong advocates for fair, open, and transparent processes that support a voice for all. To be absolutely clear, our work does not include supporting space for voices that intimidate, breed fear, threaten violence, or perpetrate crimes of hate.

IEN is committed to finding a way through the heart-ache and tragedy, here and elsewhere, to support the important work that lies ahead. We will help our University create a community that is open and welcoming and safe for all faculty and students. We will support our own community and others in their efforts to do the painful and hard work needed to build awareness, bridge differences, and find ways to address and heal the many legacies of harm that began with our first landings. We strive to support a vibrant and resilient democracy through inclusivity, tolerance and love.

Photo: University of Virginia