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William H. Street

The Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute is pleased to award the 2010 Gerald P. McCarthy Award for Leadership in Environmental Conflict Resolution to Mr. William H. Street.  As the Executive Director of the James River Association (JRA), Mr. Street oversees projects focusing on watershed restoration, education, outreach and advocacy and also oversees the James Riverkeeper program.  He is also on the board of directors of Virginia Forever, which is dedicated to increasing state funding for natural resource protection.  From his Richmond office location, Mr. Street commonly acts as the voice of watershed groups that are not proximate to the offices of state decision makers, and interacts with all levels of state leadership.

In 2008, Mr. Street took a leadership position to unite conservation groups in the drive to pass progressive state stormwater regulations by planning out a detailed campaign and offering all interested parties a role. He is also a role model for conservationists, exhibiting extensive dedication to environmental efforts; he demonstrates the clear benefits of collaborating for the advancement of conservation priorities. He has made himself available to assist those grappling with the complex environmental issues facing the Commonwealth. By so doing, he has become a mentor to many with whom he collaborates.  Despite his demanding position and JRA’s regional purpose, Mr. Street has made time to assist organizations statewide, and has dedicated significant time promoting programs that benefit conservation groups throughout the Commonwealth.

Mr. Street also has shown innovation to accomplish results through the Extreme Stream Makeovers organized by JRA in recent years. The events focused on key tributaries to the James River and brought together local businesses, municipalities, government officials and volunteers to perform watershed restoration projects in targeted areas. These popular events are examples of collaboration between conservation groups and government agencies, and have brought thousands of volunteers out to make a difference in their watersheds.  It is this spirit and enthusiasm for conservation, coupled with a deep desire to bring all parties relying on the James for water, commerce and recreation that make William H. Street an exemplary recipient for the McCarthy Award.

The award is given to an individual who demonstrates leadership in preservation and protection of the commonwealth’s environment; supports collaborative problem-solving through actions, contributions and/or educational programs; and acts as a role model to other groups and individuals for the resolution of environmental issues.

The Gerald P. McCarthy Award for Leadership in Environmental Conflict Resolution was created in 2004 to honor McCarthy, its first recipient, and his efforts to protect and promote environmental literacy and mediation in Virginia. McCarthy is executive director of the Virginia Environmental Endowment.