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Current Interns

Camryn Fischer

I am a third-year undergraduate studying English in the College, and am particularly interested in environmental writing and ecocriticism.  I love thinking about how to use language and environmental justice orientations to motivate climate action.  Concurrently with my work at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) in Charlottesville, I am excited to join the IEN team on projects for the Virginia Natural Resources Leadership Institute.

Kristen Galban

I am a current third year student studying physics and statistics in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The 2019-2020 year marks my third year working as an intern at IEN as a part of the Transforming Community Spaces project.  As a part of this project I have been writing case descriptions of communities that have been attempting to change narratives associated with contested public spaces.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to do meaningful work and research as a part of the IEN team.

Jessica Harris

I am completing a fourth-year Master’s in Educational Psychology at the Curry School, and am from Fluvanna County just outside of Charlottesville (go, townies!). I have worked with IEN for almost 2 years, and focus on helping with the Transforming Community Spaces project and UCARE. I also serve on the Community Engagement Committee for the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers. I am so honored and excited to get to work with such passionate, dedicated individuals helping make our communities stronger and more equitable.

Mae Hovland

I am a second year from Minnesota studying Environmental Science and Public Policy and my pronouns are she/her/hers. This is my second year as an intern at IEN! I have been working on case studies of communities working to deal with conflicted spaces. It has been really exciting to learn from communities who are doing amazing work.

Pranjal Sharma

I am a second-year graduate student in Urban and Environmental Planning and also pursuing a certificate in Urban Design. I feel responsible to contribute to creating meaningful and inclusive spaces. In light of urban problems, I socially position myself as a critical thinker who can use the multi-dimensional process of planning and creating a socially equitable environment with skills like mediation and facilitation. Currently, I am working on a project called RAFT (Resilient Adaptation Feasibility Tool) for the Eastern shore in which I am responsible for creating GIS maps that would help the communities to be resilient in times of coastal inundation, hurricanes and storm surge.

Yuki Zheng

I am a third-year undergraduate double majoring in History and Global Sustainability. I joined IEN as an Administrative and Projects Assistant last year and was given the opportunity to become an intern over the summer of 2019. I currently work on the Lower Chickahominy Watershed project and conduct research for the Sustainable Food Strategy Task Force. I am incredibly grateful for the experience that IEN is providing me in exploring my interests in environmental justice and policies for sustainable development.