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What Our Clients Say…

"The amount of information I was able to obtain and utilize back in the field, was beyond useful.”

Participant in NPI Seminar Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Cultural and Natural Resource Managers

"Judie Talbot and Tanya Denckla Cobb have admirable facilitation skills. They worked hard to learn our project history and become familiar with both technical and relationship issues. In a facilitation setting, their demeanor was an excellent balance of meeting discipline, adaptability, and active listening. Their consensus techniques worked very well for our group."
Matt Lawless, Management Fellow
County of Albemarle

"We hired Tanya and her expert team of facilitators from IEN to help us do interviews, surveys, facilitated workshop, and recommendations for a host of safety improvements for the Washington & Old Dominion Trail. Tanya and her team did an amazing job in every way. The knowledge of how to work with diverse groups and build processes that get great input and results was very apparent in the fine work that Tanya and her team did. I have known Tanya for many years and worked with her on numerous projects. She is simply the best! IEN is a wonderful group to work with. I have referred them to others in the past, and will continue to do so."
Paul Gilbert, Executive Director
NOVA Parks

“I want to thank the two of you [Frank Dukes and Kristina Weaver] for doing a really top-notch job throughout the project. The workbook you created is really spectacular both in its breadth and depth, and will continue to be useful to the participants later, as they facilitate actual cases. Your interactive training plan, your stories of actual cases, and your collaborative training style all helped to produce a great training.”
Ramona Buck, Public Policy Director
Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office

“Your willingness to give your all and your incredible tenacity and patience with us as we slogged through the tedious components of the process made the difference between a sincere but futile stab in the dark, and a successful community effort that sparked the county’s decision to hire professionals to do the job as it ought to be done. Where once we saw only our differences, we now see our many commonalities. We may not agree with each other all the time, but we’ve come to like each other so much we think we’ll manage to work things out in the long run.”
Rosemary H. Wallinger
Shenandoah Forum

"IEN's experience with stakeholders groups encouraged a productive outreach effort. Many thanks for all your hard work on our project...Maintaining the calm factor and speading it around the room... Bringing closure and resolution to complex regulations."
Angie McGarvey, Regulatory Specialist
Virginia Department of Health-Office of Drinking Water

 "...we know that without your true collaborative spirit, steadfastness to the CRVI [Clinch River Valley Initiative] goals, coordination and leading of meetings, etc., this [state park funding] would not have been possible. From that very first meeting on our campus several years ago, you have embraced us as true partners and you have walked side-by-side with our region and its leaders every step of the way. I know all of us in Southwest Virginia thank you with every fiber of our being because what you have done, and continue to do, is making a REAL DIFFERENCE."
Marcia Quesenberry, Co-Director
Appalachian Prosperity Project